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What is Freedom?



(Reclaiming People’s Freedom in Times of “Free Trade”)

by Dr Vandana Shiva


“Freedom” has become such a contested term. We use freedom, corporations use freedom.We refer to people’s freedom to live and have livelihoods, to have access to vital resources-seed, food, water, land. And we refer to the freedom of the Earth and all her beings, based on recognizing the Rights of Mother Earth, Pachamama ,Bhoomi, Gaia……..

“Free trade” rules are written by corporations to enlarge their freedom to commodify and privatize every last inch of land, every last drop of water, every last seed, every last morsel of food. In the process they destroy the freedom of the Earth and Earth’s Family, and destroy the freedom of people to their lives and livelihoods,their cultures and democracies, by enclosing the commons, commodifying and privatizing every aspect of life.

For example, the Trade Related Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) Agreement of the World Trade Agreement, imposes patents on seeds, and patents allow corporations like Monsanto to prevent farmers from saving seeds. Worse ,as in the case of Monsanto vs Bowman farmers cannot buy grain in the market and grow a crop from it. And worse still, as in the case of Percy Schmeiser, a Canadian farmer whose canola crop was genetically contaminated with Monsanto’s Round Up Ready Canola, Monsanto can use patents, to sue farmers whose crops it has contaminated with its GMOs .

Monsanto acknowledges as having drafted the TRIPS agreement . A Monsanto  representative stated that they were the “patient,diagnostician,physician” all in one,in drafting the TRIPS agreement . And the “disease” they diagnosed and sought to cure was that farmers saved seeds. The cure was that farmers should be prevented from saving and exchanging seeds by defining these fundamental freedoms as a crime.

For me, saving and protecting life on Earth, specially biodiversity and seeds, is the highest duty, the highest Dharma. That is why I started Navdanya in 1987, when I heard the corporations spell out their vision of total control on life through genetic engineering and patents on life and seeds and a “free trade” agreement.

Navdanya is dedicated to creating Earth Democracy  based on Bija Swaraj (Seed Freedom/Sovereignty), Anna swaraj(Food Freedom/Sovereignty) Bhu Swaraj (Land and Forest freedom/sovereignty) Jal Swaraj (Water Democracy) Van Swaraj (Forest Sovereignty) Gyan Swaraj (Knowledge Sovereignty). Swaraj was used by Gandhi to describe self rule and self organization by people and communities to govern themselves. It is the highest expression of people’s sovereignty. Since 1987 we have used swaraj,freedom and sovereignty as interchangeable terms.

Bija Swaraj=Seed Freedom=Seed Sovereignty. Commons are spheres of life self governed by local communities. They are not governed by the market or the state. The state ,at best can recognize the rights of local communities,but it cannot prohibit the freedoms of communities to self govern the coomons. There is a difference in laws of recognition, an laws of prohibition. While laws of recognition of people’s sovereignty  at higher levels strengthen people’s sovereignty, laws of prohibition extinguish it. For eg,India has enacted a Tribal Self Rule law to recognize the rights of self rule of local tribal communities. (The Panchayati Raj extension to Scheduled Areas) ,as well as the Forest Rights Act for which I was a member of the drafting group. And the draft on the Collective Rights to Biodiversity and knowledge of local communities is what enabled us to enshrine Farmers Rights in our laws on Plant Varieties as a sui generis system, instead of UPOV when the then Agriculture Minister, Shri Chaturanan invited Shri S P Shukla and me to be part of the expert group for drafting . The law titled Plant Variety protection and farmers rights Act 2001 has a clause on Farmers Rights

a farmer shall be deemed to be entitled to save, use, sow, resow, exchange, share or sell his farm produce including seed of a variety protected under this Act in the same manner as he was entitled before the coming into force of this Act


For us seed freedom includes farmers rights to save ,exchange, breed, sell farmers varieties-varieties that have been evolved over millennia without interference of the state or corporations.

We use “Seed Freedom” as the right of the seed as a living ,self organized system to evolve freely into the future, without the threat of extinction, genetic contamination from GMOs ,and the threat of termination through technologies such as the ‘Terminator Technology’ designed to make seed  sterile. . In “Seed Freedom” is the freedom of bees to pollinate freely, without threat of  extinction due to poisons. In “Seed Freedom” is the freedom of the web of life to weave itself, in integrity and resilience,in interconnectness and well being for all.

We refer to “Seed Freedom” as the Freedom of farmers to save and exchange farmers varieties freely among themselves. Seed and biodiversity is the ultimate commons, and commons are governed by local communities through local self rule and self governance,not by markets through privatization,nor through centralized authrority  and its bureaucratic apparatus. We refer to “seed Freedom” as the freedom of eaters to have access to food grown from seeds bred for diversity,taste, flavour, quality and nutrition. In “Seed Freedom” is the duty to save and exchange native seeds bred by farmers .This is seed sovereignty.For farmers varieties conserved,used,bred as a commons, this means self organization and self rule at the level of local communities. At national and international levels, it includes the obligation of governments to protect the freedoms of biodiversity and people by regulating corporations to prevent them from undermining people’s sovereignty through Biopiracy on the one hand, and threats to Biosafety from genetically Engineered seeds and crops on the other. Freedom and Sovereignty is to have the freedom to self govern at the level of the community to take care of the commons, and to share sustainably and equitably in their fruits. It also involves freedom from harm through  national and international regulation on Biosafety and prevention of biopiracy.

Regulation by the state of those who can cause harm to others  creates the context for the practice of freedom  in people’s space.

That is why rapists do not have the freedom to rape, murderers do not have freedom to murder, polluters do not have the freedom to pollute.

Corporations have unprecedented capacity to harm the Earth and people with new technologies like genetic engineering, and new  monopoly power through intellectual property rights on seeds in so called “free trade” treaties, which are based on the freedom of corporations, and the creation of unfreedom for people.

Defending people’s freedoms in times of “free trade” means challenging the laws that create and expand corporate rule to every dimension of  our lives. That is why we created the International Forum on Globalisation , stopped the WTO Ministerial in Seattle, and declared, our World is not for Sale.That is why we started The Indian People’s campaign against WTO under the inspiring Chairmanship of late Shri V P Singh, a former Prime Minister, and Convenorship of S P Shukla, India’s Ambassador to GATT during the Uruguay Round .


However, even though WTO went into intensive care since the  Seattle Ministerial,the ideology of free trade as corporate rule continues to be imposed undemocratically on people across the world.

To push free trade as  corporate freedom, three processes must be imposed simultaneously.

The first is the privatization of commons such as seeds, through IPR and Seed Laws imposed by the state or interstate bodies on behalf of corporations.

Thus patents on seeds were imposed through genetic engineering. This is the privatization of seeds and life as a commons. It is the enclosure of the biological and intellectual commons. Genetic Engineering has failed to increase yields ,or control pests and weeds.(See Navdanya report The GMO Emperor has no Clothes). And growth in Monsanto’s superprofits through collection of royalties  goes hand in hand with farmers going into debt to pay for royalties and committing suicide. When the failure of GMOs and the high economic and social costs borne by farmers is taken into account, there is no justification of privatizing of seeds through patents. Intellectual property rights on seed  lead to policing and regulating of citizens by the state to increase corporate control. Instead of being a defender of people’s sovereignty by regulating corporations, the state becomes an instrument of corporate sovereignty and people’s slavery.

Seed laws for compulsory registration which are being pushed everywhere are  based on illegitimate restriction of people’s freedom in order to enhance corporate freedom to establish seed monopolies. An example of the expansion of corporate freedom by extinguishing people’s freedom to save and exchange farmers seed varieties is the proposed EU seed law, and the push for harmonization of Seed Related laws in Africa.

Another example is the 2004 Seed Law of India which could never be enacted because of our resistance through a Seed Satyagraha, and the Columbian laws  passed to implement the US Columbia Free Trade agreement. These include

-Controls on the production, use and marketing of all seeds in the country (Resolution 970 of 2010)

-Expansion of intellectual property rights to include seeds (Law 1518 of 2012).

-Prohibition of the production and marketing of heritage-breed chickens (Resolution 000957 of 2008)

All of these laws favor large-scale industrial production over small-scale producers that do not have the resources to comply with such regulations. Campesinos are incredulous: “When we produce things like milk or chickens for our communities, of course we ensure that those products are safe because our families are the ones consuming them. It is an economy based on trust. But these new laws destroy that,” expressed one community member in Cauca (http://citizen.typepad.com/eyesontrade/2013/08/colombia-uprising-is-this-what-free-trade-looks-like.html)

The laws have been put on hold because of an uprising.

The second process for establishing corporate rule and increasing corporate freedom is deregulation of areas that need to be regulated by the state.For eg GMOs can cause ecological harm through genetic pollution, harm to public health , and socio economic harm through  seed monopolies leading to farmers distress. That is why we have Biosafety laws at national levels and The Cartagena Protocol for Biosafety at the International level. Attempts to change India’s Biosafey laws, and impose BRAI, the Biotechnology Regulatory Authority of India is an example of such deregulation. Another example was the Monsanto Protection Act of the US, which died during the budget debate.

The third process to enhance corporate freedom at the cost of people’s freedom is to direct public wealth to corporate welfare, away from public welfare. The US shutdown over Obama care in the US illustrates this well. It is health care for people and public expenditure on food for people that the corporate rule ideology of the Tea Party  would like to end , not the subsidies for agribusiness, and the benefits to the pharmaceutical industry.

During the shut down, a spokesman for ending Obamacare said

“ More Government, less freedom,

less Government, more freedom”.

However, as Free Trade shows, corporations want more, not less government to  police and regulate citizens ,to enclose the free spaces of the commons and threaten other countries to grab their resources and markets , through trade and military.  They want more, not less government for corporate welfare. The inefficient model of industrial agriculture pushed by global agribusiness would collapse tomorrow without the $400 billion of public money agribusiness  appropriates as agriculture subsidies.

But they want less government for public welfare . They want less government for protecting citizens from the corporate harm. This is what deregulation is about.

Corporate rule through free trade first created corporate states – states that work for corporations ,not for people. This has created an inverted state, which protects corporations from democratic control , instead of protecting people from predatory corporations. “Free Market Democracy” is rule of the corporations, for the corporations, by the corporations. People will not give up their freedoms without resistance, so we see the next step of the creation of the corporate military state. Why else would US intelligence spy on anti GMO activists? Why else would FBI go after activists of the Occupy movement. Why else would NSA have surveillance over citizens and governments of the world as revealed by Snowden? Why else would governments and corporations impose Seed laws to prohibit the use of local seeds and breeds which have been evolved by farmers and have been proven safe over millennia.?

And the next generation of “free trade agreements” give corporations power to sue governments that protect their people.This is at the heart of the Trans Pacific Partnership, and the US Europe Free Trade Agreement. Investment chapters  in free trade agreements contain highly controversial provisions (dubbed ‘investor-state dispute settlement’ or ISDS) empowering an investor, ie corporation, to sue the host state. This is not about trade any more. It is about totalitarian corporate rule which cannot co-exist with people’s freedom.

We want freedoms for people ,not corporations. We want governments to regulate corporations that cause harm, and not police citizens through undemocratic seed laws and food laws whose only objective is to criminalise citizen freedoms in order to establish corporate totalitarianism over our seed and food.

And to ensure that unjust laws do not destroy our last freedoms we must remember Gandhi’s call “As long as the Superstition exists that unjust laws must be obeyed, so long will slavery exist”.

And there is only one way to defend freedom in the face of unjust laws-Satyagraha-the Fight for Truth. We are being called on to practise Seed Satyagraha and Food Satyagraha to defend our every day Seed Freedom and Seed Sovereignty, and Food Freedom and Food Democracy.



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  969. What is freedom from another perspective. Many people have had a go at defining this and although their interpretations vary greatly, it seems to have a common thread and that is that we …LIKE IT !
    Since we all differ and have different tastes it stands for reason that we differ greatly in this interpretation. Now surely there has to be a better way to define it, one that we can agree on, in principle at least?
    When I have trouble defining anything I try to go to the very opposite meaning of the word, the antonym and work back from there. The word that comes up in my mind is “slavery” and that can have many connotations apart from the obvious. Slavery is considered to be that bad that most countries of the world, except for a few multi nationals, have passed laws to ban this practice. Slavery that is inflicted on us by others is indeed bad, but have we thought of another type of slavery as in addiction? We can think of many such as drink, drugs, smoking and many others and their consequences mostly finish up in poor health and premature death. And there are endless other addictions and indulgences even if we don’t give it that ugly name, perhaps we prefer compulsion or habit, as in overeating and gambling etc., but these likewise can end in tragedy.
    Coming back to my earlier statement about freedom that we… LIKE it…, we are now confronted by somewhat of a conundrum…..Do we like tragedy ?
    It seems to me our trouble is not with the interpretation or meaning of the word, but with ourselves……We need to make up our mind as to what we want.

    Ultimate slavery is not what mere fellow human beings inflict on us, it is what we give into or more specifically who we give into.
    Ultimate freedom is much more than what this world has to offer to us.
    THINK ABOUT IT and it might give you a totally different interpretation as to the real meaning of the word.

  970. Quite right Ingle
    We even manipulate freedom to our own ends.
    This illusive Freedom we chase after, frantically trying to bottle it like a Jeannie and use it to our own selfish ends. Little* do we realize that freedom, like the most precious things in life, are a gift from God. Love, peace, patience, kindness, freedom, you name them….….they cannot be contained in anything but that which he created in his likeness. They are gifts essential for our growth, and propagation is by sharing it with fellow human beings. Freedom is then no longer a virtue to be chased after, but a consequence of living the life as we were intended to.
    * On second thoughts I think we do possibly realize, but it gets lost in the hustle and bustle of life and we get side-tracked……and not steer clear of Endora.
    Regards Jim.

  971. Freedom, what is it?
    Can there be any doubt as to what this most sought after quality of life could be ? What is freedom; freedom from what; freedom to do what?
    As freedom is so valued some people seem to think it is a virtue ? Many regard it as an inalienable right to be pursued at all cost as something that is ours no matter what. Almost as if it is our right to occupy our side of the road,… but there are times when we have to share it in a responsible fashion with those who travel in the opposite direction… and that is often where our problem lies, with – “ those that travel in the opposite direction”- . We can insist on our rights if we chose to but that could mean we are dead right, we and our fellow travellers.

    Freedom is a great concept, but invariably what means greater freedom for one person means greater restrictions for another.
    The greatest area of abuse, I think, lies in the area of freedom of speech. We have all heard the saying “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me”, something we still tell our children to build up their confidence. Some parents however teach the exact opposite, also in the hope it will protect their children, but potentially turns them into the bullies that the first group of parents sought protection from. Bullying is a serious offence and often has regrettable consequences, not only amongst school kids, but even amongst the bigger ones on Capital Hill. The notion that freedom of speech is a basic right is very naïve as it invariably turns into a conceived right to intimidate and abuse.

    We need to realize that with freedom comes the option to make wrong choices, genuine mistakes as well as deliberate violation of the freedom given to us. Freedom in my opinion is not a virtue and what’s more it is not for free, it is something we need to work at to enjoy it and share it with others. I would go as far as to say freedom can be a curse. When we talk about the word freedom it immediately conjures up another word and that is authority. When parents, teachers, police, individuals, governments etc. in whom authority is vested; fail to discipline; hold accountable; keep the peace; lock up criminals etc. we would certainly experience a kind of freedom, but not many of us with any common sense would want to live in a country where those conditions prevail.

    Laws, rules and regulations are there not only to protect us from the criminals I mentioned, but from you and me as well. In other words…..we do not handle freedom very well, especially when we think we won’t be found out.
    Yes at times we need the law to sort out our differences of opinion, but there is a better way. “Do unto others as you would have them do to you” and should we need specific personal advice ask the Author of this statement, as in Mat. 7:7

  972. The problem with free unregulated markets is that it helps those who have the money and influence to run amock. This results in monopolizing freedom by few at the cost of the poor and helpless.Capitalist economies fight for markets and profits. The money they make they will reinvest to create more and this results in more pauperization of the the weak. Another fear stems from not only from the power they command but from the monopolization of culture. Indigenous cultures rooted to the soil of natives suffers at the hands of monopolization and threatens diversity which is the fundamental tenet of nature’s survival. Freedom and true democracy must let all cultures thrive and not promote a stereotype culture (market dominant), which is vulnerable to extinction. Diversity is the core of survival and dominant culture is exactly the opposite. Seed freedom is rooted in this reality.