Join the Global Alliance for Seed Freedom: Add Your Seed & Food Freedom Actions, Seed Sovereignty Initiatives and Real Food Heroes

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Seed Freedom Fortnight – 2-16 October 2013: Organise and add Actions for Seed & Food Freedom and profiles of your Real Food Heroes to our map below. For more details see How to Participate. We will then share your contributions via social media and in our Real Food Heroes Gallery and Report.

Ongoing: Add your Seed Sovereignty Initiatives and Actions to join the growing Global Alliance for Seed Freedom.

To add an Action, Real Food Hero profile or Seed Sovereignty Initiative to the map:

  1. Click on the ‘Add’ button in the upper right corner of the map above
  2. In the ‘Location’ tab add your Action, Hero or Initiative’s name and other details
  3. Select either Action for Seed & Food Freedom, Real Food Hero or Global Alliance for Seed Freedom (for Initiatives) as a Marker
  4. Switch to the ‘Details’ tab at the top of the box
  5. Add details about your Action, Hero or Initiative including DATE where applicable and your contact details. Please add your website and other URLs in this format
  6. Switch to ‘Media’ tab to upload a video and pictures, photos or a Real Food Heroes Certificate (up to 1 MB jpeg or png files only)
  7. Click ‘Submit’. The first time you click ‘Submit’, ZeeMaps will present choices of locations to you. Select a choice that best matches your search, or select ‘Show me more’. Once you select a choice from the search menu, ZeeMaps will fill-in your location’s details
  8. Verify this information and click ‘Submit’ again. Then, click ‘OK’ on the box that pops up
  9. Finally, click ‘Close’. Your event will appear following admin approval
  10. Note: when submitting multiple Actions/Heroes/Initiatives, please refresh the page between each event entry

If you are having problems or you’re not sure what to do, just fill in the form below with all the event details and we’ll add the event for you.

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