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Seed and Food Freedom Festival in Florence – International Solidarity Caravan for Seed Freedom

To renew our commitment to an agriculture based on diversity, free of poisons and GMOs, we are organising a Seed Solidarity Caravan through the biodiversity rich countries of Europe.

“We invite you to join the celebration of our seeds and biodiversity.
Join the journey for Seed Freedom.”

Vandana Shiva



26th April – National Seed Festival, Peliti – Messochori Paranestiou in Greece

27th April – Caravan begins from Messochori

28th April – Arrival in Ancona, Italy

29th April – Seed and Food Freedom Festival in Florence

30th April – Seed Freedom in Genova with Terra Onlus!

1st May – Arrival in Le Mas d’Azil, France

1 to 4th May – European Seed Festival organized by Kokopelli in Le Mas d’Azil, France




For Italy – info@navdanyainternational.it

For Greece – caravan@peliti.gr

For France – dominique@kokopelli-semences.fr


More information:

Greek: Διεθνές Καραβάνι Αλληλεγγύης για τους Σπόρους14η Πανελλαδική Γιορτή Ανταλλαγής Ντόπιων Ποικιλιών

French: Caravane Internationale de Solidarite pour les Semences et Journées internationales de la semence

Italian: Carovana Internazionale di Solidarietà per i Semi e Festival per la Libertà dei Semi a Firenze

Spanish: Caravana Solidaria Internacional por las Semillas

English: International Solidarity Caravan for Seeds







#SeedFreedom Action, 29 April
FLORENCE, ITALY: Seed and Food Freedom Festival, organised by Navdanya Internationalhttp://bit.ly/1hpZzrT (click on map marker for details)

Act for Seed Freedom – Add your actions to the Seed Freedom Map and we’ll share them on Facebook and Twitter: http://bit.ly/SFMAP

Join Seed Freedom online:

Website – http://seedfreedom.in
Twitter – https://twitter.com/occupytheseed
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/savetheseed
YouTube – http://www.youtube.com/user/occupytheseed
Sign the Declaration on Seed Freedom: http://seedfreedom.in/declaration/


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