Maharashtra jeopardises India’s biodiversity & food sovereignty: Only state to permit GM Field trials in India

IndiaGMInfo, 16 October 2014 Maharashtra jeopardises India’s biodiversity & food sovereignty: Only state to permit GM Field trials in the country Source: Press Release Farmers, Scientists, Activists demand an immediate halt of open GM trials that pose a threat to food safety and environment of the entire nation Pune,16th October, 2014: On World Food …

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India’s Agriculture Minister Releases new book “Wealth per Acre”

India’s Agriculture Minister Shree Radha Mohan Singh releases new book “Wealth per Acre” on true costs of industrial and ecological farming, by Dr. Vandana Shiva and Dr. Vaibhav Singh.The book is published by Natraj Publishers. More photos: Navdanya: Dr. Vaibhav Singh: Seed Freedom Calendar event:

ISIS Report – Widespread Glyphosate Contamination in USA

Institute of Science in Society (ISIS) – 8 October 2014 Source: Most comprehensive study reveals glyphosate and AMPA in the environment over 9 years and across 38 states Dr Eva Sirinathsinghji Please circulate widely and repost, but you must give the URL of the original and preserve all the links back to articles on …

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Leading scientists say no consensus on safety of genetically modified organisms, 21 October 2013 Source: There is no scientific consensus on the safety of genetically modified (GM) foods and crops, according to a statement released today by a growing list of more than 90 scientists, academics and physicians. The statement comes in response to recent claims from the GM industry and some scientists, journalists, …

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Of food, farmers and WTO’s doublespeak

by Dr. Vandana Shiva – The Asian Age, 8 October 2014 Source: Double standards in the WTO rules are exposed when India’s subsidies of $12 bn to its 500 mn farmers are considered ‘trade distorting’, while US subsidies of $120 bn to its 2 mn farmers are not     The conflict between “free …

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Acquisition of Africa’s SeedCo by Monsanto, Groupe Limagrain: Neo-colonial occupation of Africa’s seed systems

Alliance for Food Sovereignty in Africa (AFSA), 7 October 2014 Source: Media Release Addis Ababa 7 October 2014 The Alliance for Food Sovereignty in Africa (AFSA) is deeply concerned about the recent acquisitions by multi-national seed companies of large parts of SeedCo, one of Africa’s largest home-grown seed companies. Attracting foreign investment from the …

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Deepak Chopra congratulates Vandana Shiva for leading the crusade against GMO

Saving Ourselves, Saving Our Planet   Source: Deepak Chopra congratulates Vandana Shiva for leading the crusade against GMO. However to avert near mass extinction of our species & of life on our planet we need a critical mass of sanity & love in action. — Related event: Dr Vandana Shiva talking with other prominent …

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A Low Blow from on High

by John Krich – The Edge Review, 29 Aug- 4 Sep 2014 Why did The New Yorker magazine trash an Indian environmental icon? — More information: Category Archives: The New Yorker Responses: Related articles: Seeds of Truth – A response to The New Yorker, by Dr. Vandana Shiva: Gunning for Vandana Shiva, by Louis …

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Call to Action for Seed, Food and Earth Democracy


Press Release The Global Alliance for Seed Freedom invites you to join people and communities around the globe, from the 20th of September to the 20th of October, to reaffirm our commitment to Seed Freedom, Food Freedom and Earth Democracy. At this time of global crisis, as our planet faces economic and ecological collapse, we …

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Maize Culture | Costa Rican Government Decrees Corn as Cultural Heritage

by Devon G. Peña – Environmental and Food Justice, 28 July 2014 Declaration includes traditions, agriculture, customs, ideas, flavors and colors TRANSGENIC PLANTINGS ARE UNRESOLVED THREAT We are all familiar with the idea that many ethnic and indigenous communities self-identify as “corn cultures” in the Americas. The most familiar case is that of Mexico since …

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