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IPHOFEN, GERMANY: Seed Festival with Vandana Shiva

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#SeedFreedom Action, 15 February 2014

IPHOFEN, GERMANY: Seed Festival with Vandana Shiva, organised by Open House – Saatgut-Festival: http://bit.ly/M5tLwH (click on map marker for details)

Seed Festival with Vandana Shiva in Iphofen, Germany on 15 February 2014

Our crop diversity is a Feast for both eyes and palate, it’s essential to our quality of life and a fundamental contribution to our ecosystem.
The organisers of this Festival invite you to be part of one of the oldest community projects of mankind.
You will be amazed by how colourful and varied the treasures of Nature and Gardens can be.


11.00 Opening with Vandana Shiva

11.30 Benedikt Haerlin 1st part: Freedom of Diversity: is the EU legislation breaking the organic and conservation breeding into pieces?

13.00 Anja Oetmann-Mennen: What we are living on: Diversity as fundament of agriculture and horticulture

14.00 Benedikt Haerlin 2nd part

15.00 Vandana Shiva Lecture

You are welcome to enjoy our rare fruit and vegetable varieties exhibition and the Seed Market of Diversity.

More information (German) photos and videos:

Interview: Dr. Vandana Shiva im Interview: Über die Gefahren der Agro-Gentechnik

Article: http://www.infranken.de/regional/kitzingen/Die-Vielfalt-der-Fruechte-droht-verloren-zu-gehen;art218,634694

Video: http://br.de/s/12zgmOB

Photos: http://www.mainpost.de/mediathek/fotos/regionale-fotos/cme466717,5732996

Act for Seed Freedom – Add your actions to the Seed Freedom Map and we’ll share them on Facebook and Twitter: http://bit.ly/SFMAP


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