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10 reasons we don’t need GM foods

by Earth Open Source, 23 May 2014 Source: Media Release “10 reasons we don’t need GM foods”, a new short report from the authors of “GMO Myths and Truths”, was published on 23 May 2014 as a free download by the sustainability and science policy platform Earth Open Source. Claire Robinson, co-author of the new …

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French ban on GMO maize cultivation gets final approval

by Sybille de La Hamaide & Larry King – Reuters, 5 May 2014 Source: The French parliament gave final approval on Monday to a law prohibiting the cultivation of any variety of genetically modified maize in the European Union’s top grain producer, where a majority of people remain strongly opposed to foods based on genetically modified …

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Seeds of Freedom

by Dr. Vandana Shiva - The Asian Age, 23 April 2014 Source: “The jurisprudence of intellectual property rights related to life forms is, in fact, a jurisprudence of ‘Bio Nullius’ — life empty of intelligence. The Earth is defined as dead matter.” For thousands of years farmers, especially women, have evolved and bred seed freely …

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Seed Freedom Caravan: Seed, Food and Earth Democracy Festival in Florence

Seed Freedom Caravan: Seed, Food and Earth Democracy Festival in Florence Media Release On the 28th and the 29th of April, Florence will be hosting the Seed, Food and Earth Democracy Festival, with Vandana Shiva for a new economy. The Festival is one of the stages of the “Seed Caravan”, a traveling event to bring to the attention …

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Declaratoria de la Red de Mujeres Rurales de Costa Rica ante la visita de Vandana Shiva

Vandana Shiva comparte con la Red de Mujeres Rurales en Colinas de Cariari Vandana Shiva escucha a doña Claudia sobre contaminación del agua en Siquirres La Red de Mujeres Rurales y otras organizaciones frente a piñeras en Siquirres La Red de Mujeres Rurales y sus demandas Vandana Shiva escucha a doña Emma de la RMR

The versatile potato

Potato was a wild tuber from Chilean cost which went on to become world’s fourth most important food crop. On its journey to prominence, it got closely associated with the rise of civilizations, revolutions, wars and famines. At present it is cultivated in all continents and regarded as a staple food item of rich and …

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Rice- A grain that feeds the world

History of rice, a staple food of one half of the global population, is closely entwined with the history of human kind itself. It is cultivated in 112 countries and contains more than 40,000 varieties with unique characteristics. Rice is evolved from the plant Oryza Sativa, a member of the grass family     widely …

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Maize- The Source of Life

The origin of the word ‘maize’ is believed to be from Taino people of Northern Antilles(present day San Salvador). They called the grain ‘mahis’ which meant ‘source of life’. Maize is also called ‘corn’, an Indo-European word which means ‘small nugget’.It is domesticated from a wild grass named teosinte by natives of western Sierra Madre …

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Amaranth – A Himalayan & Andes Treasure

The word ‘Amaranth’ is derived from the greek term ‘amarantos’ meaning ‘unwithering’. The term was applied to Amaranth for its hearty characteristics that for the people that used it, came to symbolize immortality. The Hindi term for Amaranth, Ramdana, means God’s own grain. This bountiful seed is grown all throughout India from the high slopes of …

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