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India’s Agriculture Minister Releases new book “Wealth per Acre”

India’s Agriculture Minister Shree Radha Mohan Singh releases new book “Wealth per Acre” on true costs of industrial and ecological farming, by Dr. Vandana Shiva and Dr. Vaibhav Singh.The book is published by Natraj Publishers. More photos: Navdanya: Dr. Vaibhav Singh: Seed Freedom Calendar event:

Deepak Chopra congratulates Vandana Shiva for leading the crusade against GMO

Saving Ourselves, Saving Our Planet   Source: Deepak Chopra congratulates Vandana Shiva for leading the crusade against GMO. However to avert near mass extinction of our species & of life on our planet we need a critical mass of sanity & love in action. — Related event: Dr Vandana Shiva talking with other prominent …

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Call to Action for Seed, Food and Earth Democracy

Press Release The Global Alliance for Seed Freedom invites you to join people and communities around the globe, from the 20th of September to the 20th of October, to reaffirm our commitment to Seed Freedom, Food Freedom and Earth Democracy. At this time of global crisis, as our planet faces economic and ecological collapse, we …

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Maize Culture | Costa Rican Government Decrees Corn as Cultural Heritage

by Devon G. Peña – Environmental and Food Justice, 28 July 2014 Declaration includes traditions, agriculture, customs, ideas, flavors and colors TRANSGENIC PLANTINGS ARE UNRESOLVED THREAT We are all familiar with the idea that many ethnic and indigenous communities self-identify as “corn cultures” in the Americas. The most familiar case is that of Mexico since …

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Dr. Vandana Shiva visits Sri Lanka

INDEX Article: Current development model all about greed and making money, says India’s top philosopher – The Sunday Times LK, 6 July 2014 VIDEO – Dr. Vandana Shiva: Right to Seeds & Water, a talk given on 30/6/14 in Colombo Sri Lanka VIDEO – Metta Convention 2014, 27-29 June – Colombo, Sri Lanka Facebook Photo …

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Civil Society Coalition Against the General Release of Genetically Modified Cotton in Malawi

Civil Society Agriculture Network (CISANET), 4 July 2014 Source: Press Release MONSANTO FACES STRONG OPPOSITION TO GM COTTON FROM MALAWI CIVIL SOCIETY Lilongwe, 4 July 2014 An alliance of 19 civil society organisations and an organic vegetable farmers group led by the Commons for EcoJustice (EcoJustice) and representing Malawian small-scale farmers, faith-based organisations, organic …

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Scientists write: EPA, ban ‘agent orange’ herbicide mix and GMO crops!

by The undersigned – The Ecologist, 3 July 2014 Source: Thirty-five distinguished scientists urge the US-EPA not to register new mixtures of the herbicides 2,4-D and glyphosate, intended for use on herbicide-tolerant GMO crops. Approval of the herbicide mixtures would endanger both human and environmental health. Administrator Gina McCarthy U.S. Environmental Protection Agency 1200 …

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Indonesia: Karawang Farmers Defend Land From Corporate Eviction

Revolution news, 27 June 2014 Source: About 1200 peasant farmers of the village of Karawang, Indonesia prepared to defend 350 hectares of farm lands that they have tended and survived off of for generations.  The land in dispute has been designated by local Indonesian government for the expansion of a factory owned by Agung Podomoro and the …

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Sign on to Protect El Salvador Food Sovereignty/Local Food Purchases

Updates CALL TO ACTION CISPES, Food & Water Watch, and the Community Alliance for Global Justice ask your support for an organizational sign-on letter (here below: organisations – individuals) to Secretary of State John Kerry opposing US pressure on El Salvador local seed program. The letter denounces the US State Department’s withholding of $277 million …

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Tanzania: Dr Vandana Shiva – Physicist Who Has Put a Human Face On Agriculture

By Mary Ramadhani - allAfrica, 26 June 2014 Source: Women have a knack of understanding the environment in a way they ensure they do not destroy nature. Most of the gardens seen outside homes and small farms are cultivated by the very women who are labeled the weaker sex. In Iringa, there is a woman who …

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