Defenders of the seed

Deepak Chopra congratulates Vandana Shiva for leading the crusade against GMO

Saving Ourselves, Saving Our Planet   Source: Deepak Chopra congratulates Vandana Shiva for leading the crusade against GMO. However to avert near mass extinction of our species & of life on our planet we need a critical mass of sanity & love in action. — Related event: Dr Vandana Shiva talking with other prominent …

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Maize Culture | Costa Rican Government Decrees Corn as Cultural Heritage

by Devon G. Peña – Environmental and Food Justice, 28 July 2014 Declaration includes traditions, agriculture, customs, ideas, flavors and colors TRANSGENIC PLANTINGS ARE UNRESOLVED THREAT We are all familiar with the idea that many ethnic and indigenous communities self-identify as “corn cultures” in the Americas. The most familiar case is that of Mexico since …

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GMO culture situation in Costa Rica

by Fabián Pacheco Rodríguez and Jaime E. García González – July 2014 Abstract: It gives a description of every GMO culture ever authorized in Costa Rica from 1991 to this day, including those limited to research and agronomic evaluation, naming which public and private entities have been involved in such activities. It then refers to …

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Civil Society Coalition Against the General Release of Genetically Modified Cotton in Malawi

Civil Society Agriculture Network (CISANET), 4 July 2014 Source: Press Release MONSANTO FACES STRONG OPPOSITION TO GM COTTON FROM MALAWI CIVIL SOCIETY Lilongwe, 4 July 2014 An alliance of 19 civil society organisations and an organic vegetable farmers group led by the Commons for EcoJustice (EcoJustice) and representing Malawian small-scale farmers, faith-based organisations, organic …

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Ghana: Atikpo Flails Away, Never Lands A Blow On Shiva

Food Sovereignty Ghana, 4 July 2014 Source: Dr. Atikpo and OFAB appear brilliant at building straw men to argue against and tear down with much ferocity.  Unfortunately they do not address the points made by Dr. Shiva regarding GMOs.  They do not address the real dangers of GMOs to Ghana or to the people who …

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Seed Freedom, Gardens of Hope

Source: On 19-20 February, Shumei International and Navdanya officially launched the SEED FREEDOM, GARDENS OF HOPE campaign in Japan through a series of special symposiums entitled “Seed, Soil and Food for the Future.” Keynote speakers, Dr. Vandana Shiva, Founder of Navdanya, and Dr. Elaine Ingham, Chief Scientist of Rodale Institute were joined by Japanese farmers, Mr. Seiji Sugeno, …

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