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Call to Action for Seed, Food and Earth Democracy

Press Release

The Global Alliance for Seed Freedom invites you to join people and communities around the globe, from the 20th of September to the 20th of October, to reaffirm our commitment to Seed Freedom, Food Freedom and Earth Democracy.

At this time of global crisis, as our planet faces economic and ecological collapse, we recognize the need to imagine and build alternatives to the current dominant economic and agricultural models.

The ‘Call to Action for Seed, Food, and Earth Democracy’ 2014 is a powerful global event that will help to make these necessary alternatives a reality. Let us stand together as we reclaim the commons of Seed and Food and as we protect our land sovereignty and cultural heritage.

You can begin NOW by spreading the word and by planning your own local actions and events – unleash your creativity!

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Message from Vandana Shiva

Every passing year the interconnected crises of our planet become clearer; we face social, economic, and ecological collapse in every corner of our world. Industrial agriculture has degraded our land, destroyed our biodiversity, and uprooted farmers from their livelihoods and culture. By privatizing and patenting the seed, the old economy has created an ecological crisis and an economic disaster. It is imperative that we reclaim the commons of the seed, our land, and our cultural heritage. Every passing year the need for collective action becomes more urgent while the solutions to these crises become more evident. Stand with us as we commit to defending the freedom of the seed.

Key Days of Action

On September 23, the United Nations Secretary General has called a Climate Summit in New York. Movements will begin gathering there on September 21st to deliver the message that the freedom of the seed and organic farming offer the most effective solutions to climate change, both by reducing emissions and by strengthening resilience. When we save our seeds, we’re saving the seeds of climate resilience that nature and farmers have developed over centuries, and which the Biotech industry only wants to pirate by issuing patents. Support this movement by starting a Garden of Hope, wherever you are. Big problems can be addressed by millions of people taking small steps together.

On September 29 celebrate the National Day of Corn with the people of Mexico where social movements intensify their resistance against government and corporate power to protect the most sacred of Mexico’s many indigenous gifts to the world.
When we save our seeds, we’re saving the seeds of our cultural diversity. Commemorate this day by celebrating the special seeds and foods that represent your own cultural identity.

October 2nd is the birth anniversary of Gandhi, who left us the legacy of “Swaraj”- self-organised freedom and “Satyagraha”- the force of truth.
On this meaningful day we celebrate a worldwide “Seed Satyagraha”, renewing our commitment to civil disobedience against unjust seed laws.

October 13 is Columbus Day, which indigenous people have declared as Indigenous People’s Day. On this day we honor our seeds for they are inseparable from the earth, the land, and the soil which are the basis for a new living economy. Join the various movements that are protecting our planet, and sow seeds of hope to create new economies as co-creators and co-producers with the Earth.

October 16 is World Food Day. Let the world know that Seed Freedom is the basis of Food Freedom and Food Sovereignty. Let the world know that agroecology is a far more sophisticated and holistic science of agriculture than biotechnology. Declare that farmers’ rights to save and exchange seeds, and citizens’ rights to know and choose what they eat, are the founding principles of food democracy.

posterDEFStand in solidarity with the citizens of Vermont who are being threatened by Monsanto as the state has succeeded in passing a law requiring GMO labeling.

Celebrate with 99% of the world’s GMO-free farmers; 18 million farmers grow GM crops in 27 countries worldwide, this figure representing less than 1% of the world farming population. Three GM crops are found in six countries (92% of GM crops) and these countries mainly grow just four GM crops: soya, maize, oilseed rape, and cotton. Let us celebrate that 88% of arable land remains GM-free.

Let us mark our past victories; we have stopped unjust seed laws that would have criminalized our seed diversity and our seed freedom, and we will continue to be vigilant. The viciousness of the PR machinery deployed to attack scientists and activists who are defending the integrity of seed, food, and science is evidence that the biotech industry recognizes that their technologies have failed to keep any of their promises. All the biotech industry has now is PR, as evidenced in our report “The GMO Emperor Has No Clothes”: http://www.navdanya.org/attachments/Latest_Publications9.pdf

There is much to celebrate. But so much more to do.
Our seeds are seeds of resistance; let us plant them together.

Join us in the month of Action for Seed, Food, and Earth Democracy (the Rights of Mother Earth).

Vandana Shiva


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