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Bhoomi 2012 – Press Release on Seed Freedom: A Global Citizens’ Report


Celebrating 25 Years


Seed Freedom: A Global Citizens’ Report

Download the Global Citizens’ Report on SEED FREEDOM

A global citizens report on Seed Freedom written collectively by more than hundred organizations, experts, activists, farmers and grass root level movements all around the world is released by Navdanya today at India International Center during Bhoomi 2012, a festival organized by the organisation celebrating seed sovereignty and womanhood. The report is also the launch of the global campaign on seed freedom which will focus on stopping seed laws that are preventing farmers from saving and exchanging their native varieties. The campaign also aims at reversing the perversion of patents on seed.

The report depicts the concentration and restrictions in the global seed sector as a result of the Intellectual Property Right regimes and corporate convergence. On the other hand, it also captures the movements in the defense of seed freedom in different continents like America, Africa, Europe and Asia. Moreover, the report features the voices from grass root level- like the cultural implications of corn in Andes region, efforts of women farmers in India to keep their traditional seeds alive and the description of seed system in Africa. Prominent personalities working in the seed and food sovereignty sector including Pat Mooney, Jack Kloppenburg, Salvatore Cecarelli and many more have contributed to the report.

The book is released by feminist scholar and human rights activist Dr Ilina Sen. Dr Vandana Shiva, founder and Director, Navdanya, Blanche Magariños, Environmental Advocate and activist, Kusum Panigrahi, Navdanya, Orissa, Farida Akthar, UBINIG, Banglades and Sarita Kumari, Ghanerao Foundation participated in the event. From 2nd October, Gandhi’s birthday to 16th October, World Food Day, intensive fortnight of action is being organized across the world. During this period the Global Citizens Report on Seed Freedom will be released in Paris, Rome, UN head quarters in Geneva, Stuttgart, Istanbul, and at the CoP of the Biodiversity Convention at Hyderbad.


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  123. Hello I am an artist and I am in the process of making a pamphlet on seed/land/agricultural issues as an art-work. Can I freely print the Declaration on Seed Freedom by Dr. Vandana Shiva in the pamphlet? many thanks Christine